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ULTRASTIK® is the most fit for purpose Magnetic Pickup Tool on the market for picking up tie wire, nails, screws etc. from large surfaces such as suspended slab soffit formwork, concrete slabs, and steel fabrication shop floors.

Compared to the traditional ‘magnetic on the end of a broomstick’ or other short and bulb-headed magnetic pickup tools currently on the market, the ULTRASTIK® has HUGE efficiency and safety benefits:

  •    • The ULTRASTIK® is twice as fast and saves 50% in labour cost for the task. Considering this, the ULTRASTIK® virtually pays for itself on the 1st full day of use!
  •    • No need to touch the sharp wire or metal by hand anymore which saves so much time and eliminates the chances of blood-borne disease transfer
  •    • Simply pull the handle grip 25mm, the magnet retracts upward within the head into a shielded position and the wire etc. falls off the end of the tool (into a collection bucket)
  •    • This highly efficient, patented magnetic shielding technology is world-first!
  •    • Made from lightweight but very strong materials
  •    • Total weight of the ULTRASTIK® is a mere 980g which greatly reduces user fatigue during all-day use
  •    • The ULTRASTIK®’s 1.35m long length is highly ergonomic as the head of the ULTRASTIK® is at the ground (or below) level when the user’s arms are lowered and as a result, bending / body movement is minimised, which is a massive safety benefit when walking around on steel reinforcement as this greatly reduces the chance of the user losing balance on the steel during the task
  •    • When the tool is not in use, pull the handle up approx. 35mm, twist it and the magnet will remain in its shielded position
  •    • No more sticking to things in toolboxes, unintentionally damaging finished surfaces or electronic equipment!
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