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Improve Employee Health and Safety with Highly Durable Gumboots

Our selection of personal protective gumboots is suitable for different work environments. Designed for functionality and comfort, these gumboots with steel toe caps will keep the wearer's feet well protected at work.


These safety gumboots with steel toe caps are made with heavy-duty PVC for its water resistance. It is also windproof, protecting the wearer's feet in cold conditions. The soles are in a bright yellow colour to improve visibility on worksites.  


The steel toe caps are placed on the upper portion to protect the wearer's feet from injuries caused by falling objects. The PVC soles are slip-resistant and offer traction on wet and oily surfaces. Additionally, it is thick enough to use on areas covered in chemicals and acids.


The gumboots are lined with polyester to keep feet dry and comfortable. This breathable material prevents overheating, especially on warmer sites. The insoles are cushioned for the wearer's comfort. It absorbs and evenly distributes weight to prevent fatigue even from prolonged wear.


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