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Prevent Hearing Loss with Noise Reducing
Earplugs and Earmuffs

Protect workers from noise-related injuries with the right hearing equipment. From earplugs to earmuffs, Form Direct carries a wide variety of designs. Suitable for different work environments, choose which hearing protection meets your needs.

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Noise Management

Hearing PPE is designed to meet different noise management requirements. Basic earplugs mute loud noises, protecting the wearer's eardrums from potential damage. A pair of high performing earmuffs manages noise without completely cancelling it out. Our selection protects hearing without hindering workers' ability to communicate with each other.

Worksite Suitability

Hearing PPE comes in different styles to suit the work environment. Corded earplugs give workers the convenience of removing them without the risk of misplacing them, whilst the cordless earmuffs are designed with excellent grip to stay in place even while the wearer is in motion.

Comfort and Convenience

Hearing PPE is designed for functionality and comfort. Considering the length of time workers are expected to wear earplugs, manufacturers use polyurethane for its softness. Earmuffs, on the other hand, are cushioned so that they can be worn comfortably for prolonged periods.

Hearing Protection

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