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Prevent Injuries on Worksites with Durable Hard Hats

Prevent head injuries on the worksite with high impact hard hats. Made in compliance with AS/NZS 1801 standards, we carry safety hats for construction and industrial use.

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Made with lightweight ABS plastic, these safety hats are impact resistant. The structural design protects the wearer with lateral protection aside from just the top of their head. These safety hats come in different colours for easy identification on worksites. 


These hard hats have 25mm moulded slots for modifications. Wearers can easily attach earmuffs, face shields, sweatbands and chinstraps to the helmet. Additionally, it has a single hand ratchet adjustment system to ensure it fits the wearer’s head without being uncomfortable.


The lightweight nature of the hard plastic reduces neck strain. Ventilation points are also present at key points on the helmet to give the wearer better airflow.

Choose from cotton brimmed hard hats for sun protection and vented safety hats for air circulation.

Hard Hats

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