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Cupolex Products in Residential Environments

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Make a structurally sound base the easy way.

Form Direct is dedicated to helping clients create outstanding structures simply and efficiently. We provide the revolutionary CUPOLEX® structural dome to help our clients cut down on costs and labour associated with traditional formwork.

What is Cupolex?

CUPOLEX® is a cutting edge formwork system used for concrete slab foundations. Like conventional formwork, concrete is poured over the dome to create a concrete slab. The difference being: less concrete and rebar are used due to the dome’s dimensions and its load bearing capacity.

The use of the CUPOLEX® dome also eliminates the need for hard fill, and significantly cuts the time required to make formwork.  


  • Reduction in Concrete Cracking
  • Proven stronger foundation than polystyrene waffle slabs
  • Reduces rising damp
  • Ventilated floor for insulation
  • Proven product for over 2 decades
  • Highpoint Load Strength

World-class Formwork

Unlike traditional formwork, CUPOLEX® minimises concrete’s contact with soil and creates a capillary barrier against moisture. It is used in applications requiring water retention and vapour/moisture mitigation, including historic building renovations. To date, over a hundred million square feet of CUPOLEX® has been installed worldwide.

Superior Foundation

CUPOLEX®’s specially-designed arc-shaped dome creates a structurally sound formwork. It is proven to be stronger than other systems, with a highpoint load capacity six times stronger than Australian standard requirements.

A Sustainable Solution

Using CUPOLEX® is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional formwork. It minimises the use of natural resources and reduces the emission of polluting substances. The CUPOLEX® structural dome reduces concrete wastage and is made of 100% non-toxic recyclable material.

CUPOLEX® has won several awards for its eco-friendly characteristics. Here in Australia, CUPOLEX® garnered the "Best Environmental Product” from Civenex Sydney.

Queensland CUPOLEX® specialist

Form Direct is your Queensland CUPOLEX® specialist. We cover the regions of Wide Bay–Burnett and Central Queensland particularly Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Hervey Bay and Maryborough.

As Australia’s trusted buildings material supplier, you can rely on us to provide authentic CUPOLEX® structural domes. Contact us today for your formwork needs. 

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