Exposed aggregate concrete was not originally used for decorative purposes but is now widely used for its visual appeal. Exposed aggregate concrete is a great look for your driveways, patios and pathways. Exposed aggregate concrete, or simply aggregate concrete, provides a colourful option for consumers who wish to achieve some level of variety from the usual black or grey appearance of concrete. This kind of finish is achieved by laying the premixed concrete and stripping the top layer in order to expose the aggregates. Aggregate concrete consists of sand, quartz and other types of stones that provide a wide assortment of colours and textures.

Advantages of Using Aggregate Concrete

Due to its rough and uneven finish, aggregate concrete enhances the safety of driveways and walkways with its slip-resistant properties. Compared to brushed concrete, using aggregate concrete lowers the chance of slips and minor accidents because of its layered and textured surface. This makes exposed aggregate concrete a perfect choice for households with elders and children. Additionally, using exposed aggregate concrete in your driveway provides the needed traction for vehicles. The aggregate concrete’s bumpy texture makes your sloped driveway safer as it helps keep your car from sliding, especially when the driveway is wet and extra slippery.

Aside from its safety benefits, many homemakers and business owners prefer aggregate concrete because it requires less maintenance. By installing exposed aggregate concrete, you get to save time because all it needs is occasional cleaning with water. You don’t need to worry about complicated regular maintenance or possible expensive repairs. This is why many contractors and homeowners consider this as one of the most practical choices.

If you are a homemaker who likes the durability that concrete gives but looking to add more colour to your home, using exposed aggregate concrete will be a great choice. Exposed concrete comes in a wide range of colours and textures, giving you lots of room to mix and match to suit the look of your home. Incorporating this kind of concrete will easily complement the colours in your house and garden better than traditional brushed concrete. Using aggregate concrete also creates highlights in your area that will make the colours of your home stand out.

Choosing exposed aggregate is cost effective. It’s easier and quicker to lay, and can even be recycled once you decide to replace it. This makes it the environmentally-friendly choice when it comes to choosing a concreting work.

The most significant advantage of using aggregate concrete is that it enhances the durability and longevity of your base concrete. Aggregate concrete holds up well under heavy foot and automobile traffic. It also makes your base concrete less susceptible to damage caused by environmental agents like heavy rains, intense sunlight and periodic freezing and thawing. This material will be able to withstand time and different conditions, without sinking or serious damage to the surface. 

Protecting Aggregate Concrete with Sealers

Although very durable and low maintenance, an exposed aggregate concrete needs polishing and enhancing as well. Just like base concrete, aggregate concrete will greatly benefit from a little bit of help in maintaining its beauty, durability and longevity. This is where sealers come in.

Aggregate concrete sealers protect decorative exposed aggregate and improve the concrete surface's performance and appearance. Using concrete floor sealer products gives your flooring a glossy, 'wet look' finish' that deepens the colour tones of the aggregate to give it a vibrant appearance. Additionally, sealers protect colours from fading even when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Most sealers repel grease and oil and protect aggregate concrete from frost and thaw damage during snowy conditions. Concrete is porous, and sealers prevent moisture absorption to combat mildew and mould growth. In this way, sealers extend the life of concrete by up to 30 years.

High-Quality Concrete Products from Form Direct

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