Where waterproofing is concerned, construction joints are one of the weakest points of the structure. These areas are highly susceptible to water infiltration, which can lead to the deterioration of the concrete and its surrounding reinforcement. As a result, concrete joints require a considerable amount of protection.

Hydrophilic Waterstops and How They Work

Hydrophilic waterstops are a cost-effective solution for protecting the watertight integrity of cast in-situ concrete. They prevent moisture from seeping into weak concrete joints, specifically zero- to low-movement concrete like the cold-joint between a footing and foundation. Hydrophilic waterstops can also be applied to formwork spacers, tie rods and pipe penetrations.

The ‘hydrophilic’ name comes from how these types of waterstops work. When they absorb water, hydrophilic waterstops expand dramatically, enough to create a protective, impermeable and long-lasting compression seal.

Advantages of Hydrophilic Waterstops

Hydrophilic waterstops consist of various materials that exhibit excellent and long-lasting durability and water-sealing abilities. When properly applied, hydrophilic waterstops can seal heads of water up to 50 metres, specifically in sealing horizontal and vertical joints for both new and existing concrete.

The self-adhesive properties of hydrophilic waterstops reduce the need for a concrete adhesive, which in turn can cut down construction costs. Some hydrophilic waterstops even have a specific formula that reduces the risks of concrete spalling and premature expansion.

High-Quality Hydrophilic Waterstops from Form Direct

Form Direct carries a range of high-quality hydrophilic waterstops for concrete joints. Create crack-free watertight joints with premium-grade products that expand without the risk of damaging the structure. Use our versatile hydrophilic waterstops for a wide variety of applications including tunnels, subway stations, water reservoirs and other non-moving concrete joints.

Among our range of hydrophilic waterstops is Hydrotite which can expand up to eight times. The composition of Hydrotite consists of a combination of a swelling hydrophilic material and a non-expanding chloroprene rubber. Once exposed to water or moisture, the hydrophilic part will turn blue while the non-expanding component will turn black. This allows builders and contractors to check if Hydrotite has pre-expanded before its application.

Premium Concrete Solutions and Reliable Customer Service

As one of Australia's trusted suppliers, Form Direct provides only premium waterstops that effectively block off moisture from all types of concrete. We are specialists in products and solutions for the concrete building industry. We liaise closely with every client to provide solutions based on their specific needs.

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