Despite being a reliable, durable and economical construction material, concrete is still susceptible to various types of damage, one of the most common being concrete cracks. Cracks happen for different reasons, but with the right preventative measures, you can protect the integrity of your working area.

Why Does Concrete Crack?

One of the common causes of concrete cracks is overloading, so before driving on your concrete, be aware of its weight capacity. If concrete bears too much weight, it can break the concrete slab or move the soil underneath the slab and cause erosion, which leads to settlement cracks.

Remember that not all types of soil are ideal for working with concrete. The soil must be compact and free of any moisture and tree roots that can cause erosion.

There are cases where concrete damage is inevitable, especially if you are dealing with natural causes like the weather. Hot weather conditions may expand the concrete slab, while cold weather can freeze it and eventually allow moisture to seep through. For this reason, it is important to apply concrete in the right manner and enhance it with the right products if necessary.

Foolproof Ways to Protect Concrete

One of the most critical agents of concrete damage is moisture, so it can never be stressed enough that the water content must be balanced when mixing cement. As a rule of thumb, low water content ratio results in stronger concrete and fewer cracks.

Prevent costly cracks by choosing a high-quality cement mix that reacts optimally with the right water content. Ideally, your cement mix must have a hard and dense aggregate to reduce the risk of shrinkage. Avoid products containing accelerators and dirty aggregates, both of which stimulate concrete shrinkage.

Finally, strengthen your concrete with the right curing product. Curing agents help create smooth, flat concrete floors while providing strength and durability. Make sure to observe careful step-by-step processes and note that concrete needs to cure for several days and must not be subjected to any weight for up to a whole month.

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