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DiamondGrid Product Showcase

Toughen Your Terrain With DiamondGrid

The strongest surface stabilisation and erosion control system on the market.

DiamondGrids are 100% recycled polypropylene, engineered for load of up to 1000 tonnes per square meter, with up to 96% permeability. It is proven for heavy static and high-frequency traffic load, for mining, construction, and agriculture.

  • uv stabilised
  • reduced carbon features
  • up to 91% less concrete
  • easy to install
  • robust interlocking system
  • you can do it yourself

Before and after

Before DiamondGridtm

The ground surface is battered with erosion, tyre ruts and mud after long spells of rain representing a risk to foot or vehicular traffic.

After DiamondGridtm

Cost-effectively delivers and maintains a permeable surface that eliminates mud, erosion and runoff, a safe tougher and more durable.

They envisioned a sub-terrain grid system that had a simple structure and design, was lightweight yet robust and powerful enough to endure weight that's 10-times its size. After rigorous research, development, and engineering, they tested the surface stabilising system in world-renowned facilities. This, then, was how DiamondGrid's patented structure was created.

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DiamondGrid Concrete Reinforcement

Concrete costs can be reduced by up to 60% when using DiamondGrid as the reinforcement structure, as concrete depth required is only 40 mm. Considerable savings can be made on concrete requirements and labour.

Case Studies

the strongest in the game

Comparable Surface Solutions vs DiamondGrid

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Ground Testing


Pambula Merimbula Golf Club

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