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Revitalise and renovate tired grey concrete with the Stylepave Overlay Concrete Resurfacing System!

Available in a range of 30 colours, designs and textures. This system is a cost-effective solution to dramatically enhance and renovate any concrete surfaces. Professional applicators apply creative designs using adhesive fiber tape or pre-cut stencils and the cement-based system, then sprayed on to the surface to a 2-3mm thickness by experienced applicators. Once coated, the new surface provides excellent resistance to abrasion and weathering.

What can be coloured with the CCS Stylepave Overlay Concrete Resurfacing System?

All clean and structurally sound concrete surfaces can be improved and renovated with the CCS Stylepave Overlay Concrete Resurfacing System - including currently exposed aggregate or pebble finishes.

This system includes a preparation layer, a polymer-modified coloured cementitious topping, and a protective film-forming sealer. Due to its durability, this system is ideal for both commercial and residential applications in external areas. The applied texture can also be modified and made smoother for internal applications.

Pedestrian precincts, shopping center surrounds, footpaths, house exteriors (driveways and patios) and interiors, pool surrounds and median stripes are just some examples of areas where the system is commonly used. With the variety of bright and bold colours and options for introducing logo image, this system is also the preferred choice for many childcare facilities, educational precincts and theme parks.

Please Note: Any significant cracks in the concrete must be repaired prior to applying this system. This is applied by specialist applicators and is not considered as a DIY product.

Colour palette for the Stylepave Concrete Overlay System

Swatch examples depicted are light grainy finish on using an off white base with CCS Hi Build Enduro sealer for protection.

pale eucalypt


byron blue


grey amethyst

sandy beige

egg shell

wheat field

safety yellow

desert amber

silver birch






tuscan zest


red planet



off white

ocean sand




blue mountain

midnight blue



Colour Swatch Guidelines: CCS Stylepave Resurfacing is created by hand trowelling or spraying through a hopper gun on-site under varying weather and job conditions. The swatches depicted above show a fine grain finish. Due to changes in viscosity and surface texture, variations in colour when compared with the above swatches should be expected.

For people unfamiliar with the finished product, we recommend that you view jobs already completed by your decorative concreter to gain an understanding of the appearance. Please consult with the CCS sales team or for project specifications.

Choose from the following texture options for your surface finish

How to specify your Stylepave Overlay:

  • Choose or sketch up a free form or geometric pattern
  • Choose the colours for each element of your design
  • Choose the texture you wish it to be finished in
  • Choose the commercial or regular brand of protective sealer

fine grain

grecian speckle

combo fleck
2 or 3 colours

random stone

roman trowel

timber grain

augustan stone

ocean swirl


impression stencil

The make up of Stylepave Overlays

1. Hopper gun application of Stylepave
2. Two coats of a clear CCS Sealer provides protection against dirt and grime

The Stylepave Overlay is a polymer modified high strength, cement based, coloured mortar that is spray applied by a skilled applicator using a "hopper gun"

It is generally applied in two coats. This is immediately sealed with two coats of either the CCS commercial-grade Armourthane sealer or in residential applications; the CCS Hi-Build Enduro clear protective sealer.

The Stylepave Overlay system has been successfully used on numerous commercial and residential developments around Australia since the late 1990's.

Due to its great versatility in enabling multiple colours and designs to be incorporated into the project, it is becoming the system of choice for commercial and residential decorative concrete applications.

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