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As an alternative to traditional saw cutting and tooled joints, PaveX™ Crack-A-Joint™ induces a controlled crack to the full depth of the concrete.

Available in profile heights of 25mm and 38mm, PaveX™ Crack-A-Joint™ initiates a crack in slabs between 75mm and 150mm in depth.

Extruded in UV stabilised uPVC to 3 metres in length, PaveX™ Crack-A-Joint™ is also suitable for use in pavements in chemically corrosive environments including chlorinated or salt-water swimming pool surrounds and coastal environments.

PaveX™ Crack-A-Joint™ complies with the requirements of AS 3727.1:2016 Residential Pavements.

Typical Uses:

Weakened plane joints in footpaths, bicycle paths, driveways and urban streetscapes.


  • Safety: Reduces the risk of cuts and abrasions caused by sharp edges on traditional steel profiles.
  • Immediately initiates a contraction joint in the slab when placed in freshly poured wet concrete.
  • Finish the slab the same day. There is no need to return the next day for saw-cutting.
  • PaveX™ Crack-A-Joint™ will butt up to any given edge, including columns.
  • PaveX ™ Crack-A-Joint™ can be placed quickly, with precision.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around the job site.
  • Profile heights of 25mm and 38mm initiate controlled cracks in slabs between 75mm and 150mm in depth.
  • Available in 3m standard lengths.
  • Corrosion-Free: PaveX™ Crack-A-Joint™ is extruded from UV stabilised uPVC.
  • Reduces the risk of early shrinkage cracking, producing architecturally aesthetic pavements.
  • No joint filler required: The edge of the PaveX™ Crack-A-Joint™ profile acts as a support for the edge of the concrete and stops unsightly fraying and spalling.
  • Unique profile compliments aggregate interlock which facilitates load transfer.
  • PaveX™ Crack-A-Joint™ provides a low-noise transition over weakened plane joints.
  • Optional: PaveX™ Crack-A-Joint™ Rip-A-Strip Capping and Clip-on Joiners are sold separately.

Relevant Standards:

Australian Standard AS 3727.1:2016 Residential Pavements.



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