power drillPower tools require a fair amount of maintenance.  One ubiquitous tool that you will find on almost any construction site, wood- and metal-work room or DIY project is the power drill. This tool makes it easy to bore holes of different sizes into a range of surfaces.

Here, we give you a few tips on how you can care for your power drill. This will prolong the life of your hardware and related supplies. Proper maintenance will also ensure you get great results every time you use the power tool.

1. Proper Oiling

There are many moving parts in power drills, and one thing the drill needs to keep it functioning well is great lubrication. Follow the user’s manual that comes with your drill. It will have instructions on the best kind of lubrication to use, and where on the device to apply it. With minimal friction, the motors are less likely to be overworked.

2. Keep Drill Bits Sharp

Drill bits can chip and lose their sharpness over time. When using power drills for concrete, you should regularly replace these accessories. By using fresh drill bits as needed, your power drill has to exert less effort. Sharp drill bits are less likely to fail, and they produce more accurate results.

3. Check the Power Cord

Many power drills are powered by electricity, and most have built-in high capacity power cords. Kinks or breaks in the cord can short the electricity supply to the motor, resulting in potentially irreversible damage to the tool.  Faulty electrical cords can also cause serious, if not fatal, injury to the user.

4. Take Care of the Drill Bits Too!

Don’t leave drill bits on the power drill when the machine is not in use. Instead, put them in the packaging you bought the drill bits in. This will prevent them getting lost, or being damaged by other hard items in the toolbox.

Many different parts make up a power drill. Here at Form Direct, we retail power drills and other tools from the world’s most reliable brands. With proper maintenance, you can make the most of your investment in high-quality equipment.