Concrete is widely used in construction projects, but it deteriorates and can be damaged over time. There are many causes of concrete damage, such as variations to material specification, improper installation or wear caused by environmental conditions that lead to scaling, drying or corrosion. Quality standard inspectors are always on the lookout for these defects because they can cause personal injury, operations disruption and loss of business income.

The challenge to concrete repair contractors is to provide the most suitable concrete repair products that will restore or improve the long-lasting strength and aesthetic value of the concrete. The three things to consider to maximise the cost-effectiveness of a concrete repair product is an assessment of the structure, selection of the repair solution and working with choosing who will execute the repair. Below is an overview on how to select the right concrete repair product:

Construction Assessment

When it comes to the management of the repair, the key is to gather information about the construction. Determining information such as the construction’s history, purpose, current use and future use will be utilised to evaluate the construction’s current condition and specific areas for concern. A complete testing of the construction is necessary to ensure that the repair undertaken will resolve the root cause of the damage. Identifying the wrong root cause of damage will lead to the purchase and use of inaccurate concrete repair product and will only resolve the problem temporarily, and companies will need to repeat the process, adding unnecessarily to costs.

Selecting the Right Repair Solution

In 2018, a study was published on concrete repair material selection process. The results of the study was a standardised process and criteria for selecting materials for concrete repair. The process includes the following steps:

1. Identify the causes and intensity of damage

2. Assess concrete substrate which includes mechanical properties and durability properties

3. Construct the preferences which include structural application and specific requirements

4. Evaluate the repair alternatives which includes volume stability, mechanical, aesthetic and durability properties

5. Determine the best alternative using comprehensive VIKOR method

This process pinpoints which concrete repair product is most suitable for the identified areas of concern that should include concrete improvement and protection from deterioration. Coatings can maintain moisture levels and increase electrical resistance or improve the concrete’s chemical resistance to reduce scaling, drying and corrosion.

Whether the problem calls for overlays, partial depth repairs or full repairs Form Direct concrete patch repair products are high quality and are effective solutions or preventive measures to a wide range of concrete damage.

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