construction tools cleaning materialsOn a construction site, tools and equipment suffer a lot of wear and tear. Regular maintenance and proper care of construction tools and equipment are vital to their longevity and performance. Proper usage and care is an effective way of reducing maintenance costs from repairs and machine downtime. Following regular maintenance checks for your tools and equipment will ensure that they are in excellent condition.

Cleaning Hand Tools

After using your hand tools, make sure you clean them well by simply wiping them with a rag. For instance, you can wipe the tips and the handles of hammers or wrenches to remove dirt or grime. As for shovels and spades, a quick but important rinse with water followed by a quick wipe with a cloth should do. Indeed, spending time cleaning your tools is better than spending time and money buying new tools.


Lubrication can be done to power tools and pneumatic tools for them to work properly and increase the quality of their function. For pneumatic tools, they can easily corrode due to their exposure to condensation in their air line. Lubricant oil should be used to coat the internal areas of pneumatic tools to prevent corrosion. WD-40 is one of the most common lubricants used for construction tools, and not only does it prevent corrosion, but it also displaces the moisture in pneumatic tools.

Proper Storage

Another way to prevent rust is to store your tools properly. Storing them in your basement or garage can increase the chances of rust due to humidity. A dehumidifier helps to keep the dampness of the atmosphere at a level that does not promote rust. For a more cost-saving solution, you can put silica gel packs inside drawers or tool boxes so that your hand tools will not rust quickly.

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