Although concrete is resistant to compressive forces, it’s susceptible to tension. Using a concrete reinforcing mesh makes concrete structures last for years.  This concrete reinforcing accessory features robust steel bars that come in different configurations. They have ridges across the entire length of the bars that create a stronger mechanical connection between the steel and the concrete.

Using this reinforcing tool provides a concrete structure with enhanced structural integrity. Here are some tips on making a sturdy reinforced concrete structure.

Diffusing Force

The reinforcing mesh absorbs tensile force that is applied to the structure and diffuses it to minimise the damage. Due to how the mesh works in reinforcing concrete against tension, consider placing the bars laterally on the areas where the structure is subjected to tension. Make sure to evenly space the mesh throughout the concrete so that the tension is easily diffused over a large area of the structure. 

Bend the Bars

The ridges on the steel bars prevent the mesh from losing contact with the concrete; however, if there is a massive amount of tension, it’s possible for the entire mesh to slip. To prevent this from happening, bend the tips of each bar so that they point towards the inside of the structure when put in place. This anchors them more effectively to the concrete, creating a stronger structure.

Choose the Right Dimension

The thickness of the steel bars is measured in millimetres. For instance, a #8 bar measures 25 mm in diameter. Choosing the thickness of the bars is based on how strong you want the reinforced concrete structure to be. Remember that you will have to bend the tip of the bars, so choose a mesh that has steel bars that are not too thick.

Don’t Use Two Concrete Layers

There are many procedures in installing the mesh into the concrete structure. One way is to make one layer of concrete and then placing the mesh on top of it. Afterwards, another layer of concrete is poured on top of the mesh. Although this may seem to strengthen the structure, the two layers will not merge properly. The correct method of installing the mesh is by pouring all the concrete at once with the mesh placed in the middle and held using plastic supports.

Find the Right Mesh

Looking for the right steel reinforcing mesh for your structure?  At Form Direct, we have a variety of steel reinforcing products available. Whether you need a square or rectangular mesh, our stock has the right product you can rely on.

Our range includes trench mesh panels for residential and industrial-sized construction projects. We have 8mm, 11mm and 12 mm sizes available with three or four main steel bars. They are suitable for reinforcing the surface of roads, masonry walls and other concrete areas in a building.

Once ordered, we make sure that you’ll receive your steel mesh in excellent condition. Our team of steel reinforcing specialists will bundle, tag and deliver them on schedule.

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