Preventing Damage Using Concrete Toppings

To quickly fix concrete damage or to prevent it altogether, the use of concrete toppings is highly recommended. Toppings create strong and long-lasting surfaces that form a smooth, flat top layer.

Concrete toppings are versatile and can be used in several applications including indoor concrete, foyers, hotels, open plazas, museums and other general interior surfaces.

Toppings are especially helpful when the state of the fresh concrete floor is no longer economically realistic to be repaired or restored. Using concrete toppings makes more financial sense compared to starting from scratch and working with a fresh batch of concrete.

Not only are you able to hide the flaws of the original concrete floor, but you also create a safe work environment that can endure foot and equipment traffic.

How to Maximise the Benefits of Concrete Toppings

The key to taking full advantage of concrete toppings is to properly apply the topping on the desired area. Portions of the topping may not bond with the concrete, and it will most likely crack or break off into fragments.

The first step is to prepare the damaged concrete and rid it of dust, debris and other contaminants. According to the International Concrete Repair Institute's Concrete Surface Profile (CSP), the ideal surface profile should be CSP 7 or above, representative of a smooth surface level.

Next, inspect the substrate for any moving cracks that need to be stabilised. The presence of moving cracks could spread to the top layer and even ruin the topping.

Once your slab is prepared, keep it clean and protect it from contaminants and other factors that might affect the integrity of the topping. This is important especially when toppings are usually applied months after the slab is installed.

High-Quality Concrete Toppings from Industry-Leading Brands

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