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Driveway Rejuvenation: Maintenance Tips to Spruce up Your Front Drive

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 8:01:55 PM Australia/Melbourne

A well-paved driveway isn’t just a parking space or an entryway into your home. Driveways influence the first impressions of your guests and people who pass by your house. They add visual interest, function and value to any property. However, once they're installed, they are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

No driveway paving material, especially concrete, is maintenance-free. Driveways are prone to dirt, grease and grime build-up which can be unsightly. Over time, driveways are also susceptible to cracking due to changes in temperature and moisture. If these cracks are allowed to develop further, the driveway will require costly repairs or even an overhaul to replace the damaged flooring.

If your driveway has suffered stains and cracks, here are ideas to extend your driveway's life and appeal well into the future.

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Construction Tips: Using Steel Mesh Reinforced Concrete

Monday, February 4, 2019 5:53:59 PM Australia/Melbourne

Although concrete is resistant to compressive forces, it’s susceptible to tension. Using a concrete reinforcing mesh makes concrete structures last for years.  This concrete reinforcing accessory features robust steel bars that come in different configurations. They have ridges across the entire length of the bars that create a stronger mechanical connection between the steel and the concrete.

Using this reinforcing tool provides a concrete structure with enhanced structural integrity. Here are some tips on making a sturdy reinforced concrete structure.

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Protect and Beautify Your Aggregate Concrete with Concrete Floor Sealers

Monday, January 28, 2019 4:08:11 PM Australia/Melbourne

Exposed aggregate concrete was not originally used for decorative purposes but is now widely used for its visual appeal. Exposed aggregate concrete is a great look for your driveways, patios and pathways. Exposed aggregate concrete, or simply aggregate concrete, provides a colourful option for consumers who wish to achieve some level of variety from the usual black or grey appearance of concrete. This kind of finish is achieved by laying the premixed concrete and stripping the top layer in order to expose the aggregates. Aggregate concrete consists of sand, quartz and other types of stones that provide a wide assortment of colours and textures.

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Foolproof Ways to Prevent Concrete Cracks

Monday, January 21, 2019 10:52:53 AM Australia/Melbourne

Despite being a reliable, durable and economical construction material, concrete is still susceptible to various types of damage, one of the most common being concrete cracks. Cracks happen for different reasons, but with the right preventative measures, you can protect the integrity of your working area.

Why Does Concrete Crack?

One of the common causes of concrete cracks is overloading, so before driving on your concrete, be aware of its weight capacity. If concrete bears too much weight, it can break the concrete slab or move the soil underneath the slab and cause erosion, which leads to settlement cracks.

Remember that not all types of soil are ideal for working with concrete. The soil must be compact and free of any moisture and tree roots that can cause erosion.

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Hydrophilic Waterstops for Cast In-Situ Concrete

Friday, September 28, 2018 4:36:29 PM Australia/Melbourne

Where waterproofing is concerned, construction joints are one of the weakest points of the structure. These areas are highly susceptible to water infiltration, which can lead to the deterioration of the concrete and its surrounding reinforcement. As a result, concrete joints require a considerable amount of protection.

Hydrophilic Waterstops and How They Work

Hydrophilic waterstops are a cost-effective solution for protecting the watertight integrity of cast in-situ concrete. They prevent moisture from seeping into weak concrete joints, specifically zero- to low-movement concrete like the cold-joint between a footing and foundation. Hydrophilic waterstops can also be applied to formwork spacers, tie rods and pipe penetrations.

The ‘hydrophilic’ name comes from how these types of waterstops work. When they absorb water, hydrophilic waterstops expand dramatically, enough to create a protective, impermeable and long-lasting compression seal.

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How to Select Concrete Repair Products to Maximise Cost-Effectiveness

Monday, September 24, 2018 1:34:30 PM Australia/Melbourne

Concrete is widely used in construction projects, but it deteriorates and can be damaged over time. There are many causes of concrete damage, such as variations to material specification, improper installation or wear caused by environmental conditions that lead to scaling, drying or corrosion. Quality standard inspectors are always on the lookout for these defects because they can cause personal injury, operations disruption and loss of business income.

The challenge to concrete repair contractors is to provide the most suitable concrete repair products that will restore or improve the long-lasting strength and aesthetic value of the concrete. The three things to consider to maximise the cost-effectiveness of a concrete repair product is an assessment of the structure, selection of the repair solution and working with choosing who will execute the repair.

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Maximise Hydration with Concrete Curing Agents

Friday, August 3, 2018 1:45:39 PM Australia/Melbourne

Hydration is essential to curing cement since the integrity of the result highly depends on the success of the hydration process.

The hydration process takes place once the cement grains begin to dissolve in water. The combination produces a series of reactions that produce more compounds over time. The accumulation of compounds results in the hardening and strengthening of concrete.

But there is more to hydration than just mixing water and cement and creating as many compounds as possible. Successful hydration depends on a number of factors.

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Maximising the Benefits of Concrete Toppings

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 2:02:58 PM Australia/Melbourne

Conventional construction knowledge holds that concrete, regardless of integrity, can damage over time due to factors such as changing temperatures and reinforcement steel corrosion. While old, worn concrete is susceptible to cracks, surface stains and imperfections, freshly applied concrete is also at risk of damage. This is possible if the concrete has been installed incorrectly or has encountered certain issues during application.

If these problems are not addressed immediately, the aesthetic condition and the strength of the concrete are compromised

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Ensuring Sound and Lasting Concrete Repairs

Monday, June 25, 2018 2:52:27 PM Australia/Melbourne

For concrete repair contractors, premature repair failure is a massive red flag. Not only can this tarnish your reputation as industry professionals, you can also be liable for property damage or personal injury should the faulty repair job cause accidents. Your business may be also charged with the cost of repairs, including your client’s income loss from disruption of operations.

The two most common causes of premature repair failure are incorrect root cause diagnosis and inappropriate selection of repair strategy. To help you prevent these, here is a guide on determining the cause of cracked concrete and as well as possible repair methods.

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Durable and Chemical-Resistant Construction Joints with PVC Waterstops

Friday, June 22, 2018 6:22:49 PM Australia/Melbourne

Waterstops act as water-resistant barriers to protect concrete from moisture exposure and damage. Common applications include water towers, sewage tanks, bunded areas protecting tanks containing hazardous liquids and underground passageways.

PVC waterstops are ideal as they present high tensile strength and superior elongation capabilities. PVC can be moulded and welded with the appropriate amount of heat, while presenting strength in the expansion and contraction of concrete joints.

As a protection barrier, their chemical-resistant properties guard concrete from discolouration or damage caused by moisture, metal electrolysis and corrosive substances like acids and alkalis. This makes PVC waterstops ideal for water-retaining structures like pools, dams, tanks and reservoirs.

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