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Empowering Builders with Hassle-Free Waffle Pod Slab Solutions

Reduce concrete, boost efficiency. Surpass polystyrene (EPS), ship 150m2 on one pallet. Effortless installation with the unique spacer. Your answer to streamlined, sustainable construction.

Geopod Product Showcase

Setting New Standards for
Strength, Sustainability, and Smart Construction

Geopod is revolutionising construction with its three-way approach: strength, sustainability, and smarts. With Geopod, you get the assurance of solid foundations, eco-friendly practices, and intelligent design, setting new benchmarks for construction excellence.

Geopod: Space-saving Stackability

Up to 10%

less concrete

Optimised design

Not only complies with AS 2870-2011 but also results in reduced concrete usage compared to smaller pod systems, and raft or traditional slabs, contributing to cost savings.

Geopod: Space-saving Stackability


Recycled PP

Eco-Friendly Solution

Crafted from 100% recycled Polypropylene, Geopod embodies Form Direct's support of green building practices.

Geopod: Space-saving Stackability


per pallet

Logistic Advantages

It surpasses EPS waffle pods in logistics. A single pallet, standing at 210cm, can efficiently accommodate 150m2 of ground slab, streamlining transportation and storage.

Geopod: Space-saving Stackability

9 pins/cones

each geopod main

Maximum Strength

A sturdy pod offers numerous advantages, ensuring both the strength of your slab and peace of mind regarding safety standards at your construction site.

Geopod: Space-saving Stackability

Quick to Install

WITH Geopod's Spacer

Interlocking Spaced Design

Installing is a breeze, thanks to our specially designed spacer. Sequential installation of pods, spacers, and pods ensures a swift and hassle-free process.

Why Use Geopod

Unlock Geopod's Advantages: Features & Benefits

Discover how Geopod transforms construction with its lightweight, durable, and sustainable design. Explore the key features and benefits that streamline projects, enhance safety, and promote eco-friendly building practices.

Geopod: Space-saving Stackability

Space-saving Stackability

Geopod's stackable and lightweight design optimizes storage and eases handling, reducing strain on workers and enhancing project efficiency.

Geopod: Durability and Safety

Durability & Safety

Built to withstand heavy loads and adverse weather, Geopod ensures a safe and secure working environment on site, minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Geopod: Structural Strength

Structural Strength

With its robust construction and structural integrity, Geopod offers exceptional strength, capable of supporting heavy loads and maintaining stability in demanding construction applications.

Geopod: Zero Waste

Zero Waste

Geopod's efficient design minimizes material waste during construction, promoting sustainable building practices, reducing costs, and minimizing environmental impact.

Geopod: Zero Waste

Direct Substitution

Geopod can be directly substituted for traditional materials without additional modifications, streamlining project planning and execution, and saving time and labor costs.

Geopod: Zero Waste

Grounded Stability

Geopod's design ensures it stays firmly grounded during installation, enhancing stability, and safety on site, mitigating the risk of shifting or movement.

Geopod: Zero Waste

Glare Reduction

Geopod's surface is designed to reduce glare, improving visibility on site, enhancing worker comfort, and productivity, and promoting a safer working environment.

Geopod: Zero Waste

Zero Landfill

Geopod is fully recyclable at the end of its lifecycle, supporting environmentally responsible waste management practices, and minimizing environmental impact.

Geopod: Zero Waste

Adjustable System

Geopod offers full adjustability, allowing for precise customization to meet specific project requirements, providing flexibility in design and installation, and ensuring optimal performance.

GEOPOD'S solution for WAFFLE POD slabs

AS 2870-2011 Compliance Made Effortless

Geopod ensures that compliance is not just a checkbox; it's the foundation of your construction. Directly in accordance with AS 2870-2011, our compliant modular void former gives you peace of mind, a streamlined approval process, and a construction solution that meets the highest standards effortlessly. Geopod is a direct substitute to EPS waffle pods, eliminating the need of re-engineering.

Top View (for illustration purposes only)

Geopod Product System
Form Direct Geopod Main
Geopod Main Specs
W 1090mm x L 1090mm
H 300mm
W 7.50kg
Form Direct Geopod Midi
Geopod Midi Specs
W 545m x L 545mm
H 225mm
W 1.42kg
Form Direct Geopod Mini
Geopod Mini Specs
W 545m x L 275mm
H 225mm
W 0.80kg
Form Direct Geopod Spacer

Front View (for illustration purposes only)

Geopod Product System

how to install

Geopod's Interlocking Spaced Design Simplifies the Process

Geopod's spacer design ensures a simple installation process, making Geopod the go-to choice for builders seeking speed and accuracy without compromise.

1 Form Direct Geopod Installation Step 1

Start by placing Geopods on the ground from right to left or left to right, and top to bottom. Use Geopod Midi or Mini where the Geopod Main cannot fit.

2 Form Direct Geopod Installation Step 2

Attach Geopod spacers to maintain consistent spacing. Interlocking the next line of Geopods over the spaces. Lock Geopod Midi or Mini units together when connecting.

3 Form Direct Geopod Installation Step 3

Complete the installation by repeating the steps until the entire area is covered. Ensure all Geopods are securely locked for stability.

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