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  • 200Nm Impact Wrench
  • GDX 18V-200


  •    • Brushless power packed in compact design – unique 2-in-1 tool holder for highest flexibility
  •    • 2-in-1 tool holder with ¼” internal hex and ½” square drive guarantees flexibility for the widest range of applications
  •    • Brushless motor with 200 Nm tightening torque and 350 Nm breakaway torque for excellent battery runtime and long tool lifetime
  •    • Better control of speed and torque due to the variable speed trigger


  • 125mm Angle Grinder
    GWS 18V-10


  •    • Improved power level and tool control in the 18 V category
  •    • Small angle grinder delivers power equal to a 1,000 W corded grinder via brushless motor and ProCORE18V battery
  •    • Increased level of user protection and convenience due to Drop Control, KickBack Control, and intelligent brake system
  •    • World's first Drop Control function shuts the tool off immediately after accidentally dropping it on the floor


  • 110Nm Hammer Drill
  • GSB 18V-85 C


  •    • Extremely powerful and robust 18 V drill driver - with brushless motor and impact drilling function
  •    • 110 Nm maximum torque and brushless motor make the tool extremely strong
  •    • Full-metal chuck for high durability makes it capable of handling even the toughest applications on the jobsite
  •    • Bluetooth Connectivity option to connect directly to a smartphone for additional tool control


  • 2x 18V 5.0Ah Batteries
  • GBA 18V 5.0Ah


  •    • Premium run time and outstanding life time thanks to COOLPACK
  •    • Additional 25% more run time: Compared to Bosch 18 V 4.0 Ah battery
  •    • Up to 100% longer life time: compared to battery w/o COOLPACK
  •    • 100% compatible: to all Bosch Blue Li-Ion tools and chargers within same voltage class


  • 18V Charger
  • GAL 18V-40


  •    • The compact 18 V charger.
  •    • Compact: Due to its modern design it is very compact
  •    • With 4 A charging current it charges the GBA 18V 4.0 Ah battery up to 80% in only 48 minutes, GBA 18V 2.0 Ah up to 80% in 24 minutes
  •    • Professional 18V System: 100% compatible with all Bosch Professional 18 V batteries
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