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Sikalastic®-1K is a one-component, crack-bridging, fibre-reinforced mortar, based on cement modified with special alkali-resistant polymers. Sikalastic®-1K is suitable for application by brush, spray or trowel.


  •    • Flexible waterproofing and protection of concrete structures including tanks, basins, pipes etc.
  •    • Waterproofing of bathrooms, showers, terraces, balconies, swimming pools before the application of ceramic tiles bonded with adhesives
  •    • Waterproofing of external wall surfaces to be backfilled in ground
  •    • Inside waterproofing of negative water pressure of walls and floors in basements
  •    • Flexible protection coating for reinforced concrete structures against the effects of freeze-thaw and carbon dioxide attack to improve durability


  •    • One-component product, only water needs to be added
  •    • Adjustable consistency, easy to apply by brush or trowel
  •    • Good sag resistance and easy to apply, even on vertical surfaces
  •    • Good crack-bridging ability
  •    • Very good adhesion on many substrates including concrete, cement mortars, stone, masonry
  •    • Can be applied on damp substrates


  •    • AS/NZS 4020: 2005- Products for use in contact with drinking water
  •    • AS 4654.1: 2012- Waterproofing membranes for external above-ground materials
  •    • CE-marking and Declaration of Performance as liquid-applied water impermeable product, based on polymer modified cementitious mortars for all external installations and swimming pools beneath ceramic tiling CMO1P according to EN 14891:2012 /
  •    • AC:2012, based on assessment by notified laboratory and factory production control.
  •    • CE-marking and Declaration of Performance as surface protection product for concrete - coating for ingress protection, moisture control and increasing resistivity according to EN 1504-2:2004, based on certificate of factory production control issued by notified factory production control certification body and type testing
Dangerous Goods No
Unit of Measurement EACH
Brand SIKA
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