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RiveStop in Action

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How RiveStop Works


Did you know?
The riveting action takes approximately 3-5 seconds per hole (with an electric riveter even faster), allowing you to save up to 90% on labor costs compared to other existing sealing/patching systems on the market.

RiveStop Advantages


    Mechanical System
    RiveStop ensures a fully closed, permanent and durable seal - providing 100% Waterproofing


    RiveStop has been tested & certified - designed to seal the hole forever.


    Check at a glance
    Looking back on the walls, engineers and construction supervisors can check very quickly if the RiveStop is inside the hole and installed.


    Time Saving
    Install with a manual or electric riveter and each hole will be sealed & fully waterproof within 3-5 seconds!


    It does not stain the concrete or wall, no drops on the ground. No other concrete additives are needed.


    Weather & Temperature Conditions
    Can be applied in any weather conditions & temperature - even if water is coming out of the hole!


    Comes in various sizes to suit most applications


    No need for further finishing
    No other finishing to the wall is needed, but if the engineering requests a special finishing, additional product could be also used.


    No margin of error
    Anyone can install RiveStop - no need for any training. There is no way that RiveStop can be done half-right or half-wrong.

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