steel formworkWithout a foundation, a building cannot stand firmly. The construction industry is constantly searching for ways to improve the quality of building foundations, ensuring the stability of the whole structure. In fact, steel formwork is on the rise in Australia for major construction projects as builders become more aware of its many advantages.

Our team at Form Direct highly recommends steel formwork to our construction partners because of the cost savings it offers and the environmental benefits it brings to the construction process.

Speed-Efficient and Anti-Corrosive Qualities

Minimal production processes are required to create steel formwork. Steel can be fabricated in many ways, one of which is computer modelling. A digitised modelling process ensures that steel is formed and moulded correctly the first time around, minimising the need for rework. When steel formwork can be manufactured quickly, the pace of work on site also speeds up.

Because of its strength, steel is suitable for extreme environments and harsh weather conditions. Its anti-corrosive properties decrease the likelihood of accidents for both the builders and inhabitants of the building, providing a safe environment for everyone.

A Sustainable Material

Increasingly, companies are making sustainable choices to reduce their environmental footprint. Given its reusability and recyclability, steel can be considered to be a sustainable construction material. For this reason, many builders are choosing to use it for their onsite requirements

According to Justin McGar from Sourceable, more than 95% of discarded steel is recovered and reused for other projects. This helps businesses decrease their spending costs on new raw materials. The long life cycle of steel also reduces waste production by diverting trash from landfills and into recycling centres.

Steel formwork is a durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly construction material. We have a wide range of power tools, hardware supplies and steel reinforcement products for your construction needs. If you want to incorporate steel formwork into your business operations, contact us today.