...and then there’s fishing!
Man with fish

Although a devoted fisherman will say any time is a good time, winter is a great time to go fishing in Queensland. With temperatures falling, conditions are more comfortable and species such as bream, bass, winter whiting, flathead, and tailor are at their peak. The experts say winter fishing offers up many angling opportunities for those willing to adjust their approach to suit the colder conditions.

Some tips to apply and tricks to watch out for:
•    Night time fishing with fresh bait and fishing on high tide often produce the best results.
•    Westerlies will cool the water even more than usual and may make fish bite a lot more timidly and not with a great deal of conviction.
•    If the water temperature slips below 15 degrees, generally fish will not be found in
the shallows – concentrate in the deeper water, where it will be a little warmer.
•    A change of tide will always bring activity – be prepared.

Although the offshore game fishing season is over there’s plenty of competition close to shore and on land. Simply ‘Google’ Queensland fishing competitions to find out what’s coming up in your fishing ‘genre’ and local area.

And it seems that fishing is not only all year round but it’s even gone on-line with online fishing competitions now on offer and large numbers of fishing groups sharing information about conditions, offering tips from ‘experts’, promoting local competitions and boasting about their catches on Facebook and other social media. Simply place ‘fishing’ in Facebook’s search bar and like the groups of interest to you.

There’s something for everyone.