As communication channels improve and shipping options increase, more customers are choosing to buy products online. The current health crisis has led business owners toadjust purchasing procedures for many items, including in the construction industry. Most are taking advantage of the digital marketplace to minimise risk and comply with stricter health and safety protocols.

Shopping onlinehas many advantages, including the ease of access to the stores’ entire catalogue, making decisions by comparing information on product specifications and cost and the convenience of purchasing at any time. Online retailers are also aware of the advantages of instore purchasing. For example, when buying construction equipment online, like cordless power tools, the customer cannot physically feel and test the item beforehand.

Other ways to choose the right product without visiting the store include:

Go to online forums and see what they’re talking about.

By registering to online forums that are populated by people from the industry, you read what they are saying about specific online stores and their selections. By talking to contributors about thequality of a product, the service provided by the retailer and repair services available, you develop a better sense of what and where to purchase. Several business owners regularly use forums to consult each other directly. Aside from the expert advice on the item required, you acquire useful industry insights.

A good place to look up information are forums such as reddit power tools or Hardwear Journal, an Australian magazine that covers a range of equipment including power tools.

Limit your choices to one or two brands.

Most suppliers, both online and offline, carry a wide selection of products from different brands. Generally,  it’s fine to use different power tool from different brands. However, if you’re buying cordless power tools, it’s best to just stick with one or two brands at most. This is simply because of the battery which is interchangeable with tools from the same brand. Having to charge and carry many different batteries for many different brands of tool becomes more of a hassle than its worth.

Additionally, some suppliers provide special services and deals for certain brands. Consult with your online community to determine which brands are worth the investment.

Check the store’s Terms and Conditions beforehand.

Online stores have different terms and conditions regarding pricing, shipping, returns and refunds. Reputable companies establish clear rules to smooth transactions and outline any recourse. Check the small print, especially in regards to:

  • Factoring freight costs
  • Checking the refund and returns policies

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