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Quick Overview


The Adjustable Kicker

The Adjustable Kicker will ajdust to various surface angles and establish required height elevations. The precision of the Adjustable Kicker allows for straighter edges and less work than timber bracing.

To increase production in repetitive forming, simply leave the Adjustable Kicker attached to the forms and move from pour to pour. With an available Bracket, the Adjustable Kicker quickly attaches to Steel "C" Purlins as well as curb and gutter forms.

  • Adjustment Positions
  • Straighter Edges
  • Efficiency
  • Precise Straight Wall Lines
  • Ideal for Uneven Ground

Adjustable Kicker: Reusable Formwork Brace

Adjustable Kicker Review by Tim Egan Concrete

Bridge Decks

These are one of the Adjustable Kicker's best and most time-saving applications. Simply nail the Kicker to the plywood surface and attach it to the form. Then align the form to the proper positions.

Slabs on Grade

The Adjustable Kicker braces to both the top and bottom of the forms, which allows for straighter, more level floors with less work.

Monolithic Pours

A third hole in the base of the Adjustable Kicker allows it to hang over an open footing, and you don't have to worry about removing the pin from the concrete.


Because of its versatility, the Adjustable Kicker makes radius curves faster, easier and more uniform.

High-Rise Buildings

The base plate allows the Adjustable Kicker to move backward and forward while remaining attached to the form and flyer table during high-rise building construction.


As the name implies, the Adjustable Kicker adjusts to various slopes and surface angles. Just release the handle located in the rear of the Kicker, and the base will fall into place.

Repetitive Forming

For repetitive forming, simply leave the Adjustable Kicker attached to the forms and move them from pour to pour.


The Adjustable Kicker works on any surface including earth, wood, concrete, blacktop or any combination thereof.

Dangerous Goods No
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