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Intelligent endpiece for corners and rough openings.
The D2 measures from its base by default and can be configured to measure from the front. You can also flip out the intelligent endpiece to 90º to hook onto outside corners or extend the endpiece fully for inside corners, and it will automatically measure from the endpiece when extended. Combined with the Min/Max function, the endpiece allows you to get the tool all the way into corners for accurate diagonal measurements.

Small, simple, powerful.
While the D2 only weighs 3 ounces (100g) and can easily fit in a toolbox or your pocket, it has a simple-to-use interface and powerful circuitry in a compact casing with IP 54 rating, protecting it from dust and splashes of water. The interface is perfect for casual, as-needed work at home, but you can rely on the D2's accuracy—the intelligent endpiece connects directly to the circuit board.

Best bang for your buck.
If you'll be taking measurements often enough indoors to require precise accuracy, and if you need extra functions for different types of measurements, like corner measurements, then the D2 is a great choice for functionality and value.


  • Typical measuring accuracy: ± 1.5 mm
  • ISO 16331-1 certified Range: up to 100 m
  • Measuring units: 0.000 m, 0.00 ft, 0'00" 1/16, 0 in 1/16
  • Memory: Last 10 values
  • Data Interface: Bluetooth® Smart V4.0
  • Measurements per set of batteries: up to 10,000
  • Multifunctional end-piece: Yes, Intelligent recognition
  • Batteries: 2 x AAA 1.5 V (Ships with alkaline)
  • Display: 3 line display with illumination
  • Protection class: IP 54, dust & splash protected
  • Minimum / maximum measurements: Yes
  • Area / volume calculation: Yes
  • Pythagoras functions: 2 points, 3 points
  • Stake-out function: Yes, single value
  • Painter Function: Yes
  • Subtraction / addition: Yes
  • Timer function: Yes
  • Beep: Yes, switchable on/off
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C to 50°C
  • Storage temperature range: -25°C to 70°C


  • 1 x DISTO™ D510
  • 2 x 1.5V (AAA) Alkaline Batteries
  • 1 x Nylon Pouch
  • 1 x Hand Loop
Dangerous Goods No
Unit of Measurement EACH
Allow Rewards No