Trench Mesh Supports

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Trench Mesh Supports

Trench Mesh Supports are the ideal system for placing trench mesh and maintaining concrete cover to the reinforcement.

They save time and keep the reinforcement securely in position during the concrete pour.

Suitable for use with L8TM, L11TM, L12TM trench mesh and N12 bars

Supports are clipped on to the trench mesh before lowering into the trench

Help maintain correct minimum bottom and edge cover

Compensate for any unevenness in the excavation

Suitable for trench mesh and Z cages in strip footings

The Trench Mesh Support has been designed with the clip-on at both sides to allow the support to be fitted prior to lowering the mesh into the trench.

A non clip-on support in the middle allows for tolerances in the main wire spacing of the trench mesh.

The maximum width of 290mm avoids interference with the sides of narrow trenches.

This secure support can accommodate 8, 11, and 12mm bar or mesh, with 60mm cover. Ideal for residential applications such as strip footings, foundations and raft slabs


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