Power Tools

Not just any power tool will do. Finish your job on time and without any trouble using our high-performance power tools.

You pay thousands of dollars for concrete power tools. Ensure that your investment gives you serious ROI and does not put your staff at risk from sudden malfunctions. With a Form Direct-sourced power tool, the cost is justified by a long service life, reduced downtime and improved productivity.

Rotary Hammers and Impact Drills

Easily drill and chisel concrete with our line of robust power tools. We also offer collated screwgun attachments, screwdrivers and impact drivers. The high-power tools we offer are selected for their impressive technology and their features for user safety and comfort.

Saws, Cutters and Nibblers

We have a wide range of saws, cutters and nibblers to meet all your cutting needs. We have multi-cutters, jigsaws, sabre saws, circular saws, mitre saws, cut-off saws, including cutting discs. We also offer Bosch’s professional-grade nibbler that allows effortless and precise cutting.

Our power tools are extremely powerful and have robust guard systems. To lessen user fatigue and prevent current inrush, we have tools that have soft start features.

Our saws and cutters also have splinter guards and dust extraction features to protect users from flying particles and to prevent inhalation of concrete dust. We also supply tables and stands for the safe and easy cutting of concrete and other construction materials.

More Tools Provided

With Form Direct, you get tools that are easy to operate, extremely robust, and of high-power. You can create smooth and beautiful surfaces with our sanders and polishers. If you want to prepare concrete for a coating or you want to remove old coatings, we have high-precision planers. We also offer an impact wrench to tighten and loosen lug nuts with minimal exertion.

Our tools are sourced from renowned and trusted brands such as Bosch. View our power tools today and contact us for a quote. 

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