Concrete Waterstops

We have everything you need to create crack-free watertight structures.  

Concrete joints prevent cracks by allowing sections of concrete to expand or contract without damaging the whole structure. Concrete water stops prevent fluids from passing through the joints.

Form Direct provides a range of products for watertight structures. We provide a variety of concrete water stops for various applications. Whether you need water stops for basement walls, subways or water treatment facilities, we have high-performance waterstops for concrete joints.

PVC Waterstops

PVC waterstops are the industry’s choice for almost all applications due to its versatility, inherent elasticity and resistance to various chemicals, weather conditions and corrosion. They can be easily jointed with electrical heater welds; however, we also supply factory-fabricated waterstop intersections.  

Swelling and Non-swelling Waterstops

We have various waterstops for moving and non-moving concrete joints. Hydrophilic or swelling waterstops are a cost-effective way to stop water penetration. These stops are ideal for moving joints and expand upon contact with water, creating a long-lasting compression seal.

For non-moving joints, we have non-swelling waterstops that prevent moisture from penetrating the concrete. They can be installed at varying working temperatures and have a long shelf life.

Installation Accessories

Dedicated to making our clients’ processes fast and simple, we provide high-quality installation accessories. Whatever installation tool or supply you get from Form Direct, you are assured of premium products that ensure proper installation of waterstops.

Outstanding supplies and steadfast service

A structure is only as watertight as its waterstops. Form Direct provides premium waterstop products that truly block off water ingress both for moving and non-moving joints. To give you freight-cost savings and the convenience of approaching only one supplier, we also provide robust tools and quality supplies for installation. Contact us today for quotes or advice on the best waterstops for your concrete structures. 

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