Steel-Ply Modular Formwork

What is Steel-Ply?

The Steel-Ply forming system is a pre-engineered, factory-built, reusable concrete forming system. It may be used in handset or gang form applications, for commercial or residential structures. The Steel-Ply forming system can form walls of almost any shape or size, with accessories for special structures and details. This system is more productive and economical than job-built plywood form-work or other forming methods.

Steel-Ply Saves Time

The Steel-Ply forming system saves time because it is easy to set up and strip. No measuring, sawing, drilling, or nailing is required. Minimal training is needed, so workers are quickly up to maximum efficiency. The only tool required for setup and stripping is a hammer.
Steel-Ply Modular Formwork System
Steel-Ply Saves Materials

Unlike job-built formwork, which must be tailored for each specific pour, the Steel-Ply forming system comes in a variety of standard sizes which can be combined to form virtually any dimension. Steel-Ply panels are made of specially laminated plywood mounted on rugged steel frames. They can be used up to 200 times before being re-plyed.
Steel-Ply Modular Formwork System
Wedge Bolts

Two identical Wedge Bolts function as a lock-bolt set, one as a connecting bolt, the other as a clamping wedge. At typical siderail-to-siderail connections, the loop end of the tie is positioned in dado slots and is secured by the same Wedge Bolts.
Steel-Ply Modular Formwork System
Quality, Consistency and Safety

No matter what the application, the same basic components and methods are used. Labour performance becomes consistent and predictable, and the laminated plywood panels and tight-fitting side rails produce a high quality concrete surface. This engineered system is designed and manufactured with a known strength factor, a major consideration for jobsite safety.
Steel-Ply Modular Formwork System

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