Pro-shore Concrete Shoring System

The Pro-shore System's Versatility and Efficiency are designed around Contractor's Needs.

During development of our system, leading contractors expressed their forming needs and the need for improving labor productivity. Information gathered during this process was vital in designing a simple system that can handle all phases of the contractor's forming needs in a cost effective manner.






Pro-Shore's modular deck system uses a color coding for easy identification during assembly and stripping.

Ledger Color Codes

Joist Color Codes

1.8m Ledger - Red

1.8m LWT - Orange

2.4m Ledger - Green

3.0m Ledger - None

1.2mm Joists - Black

1.5m Joists - Blue

1.8m Joists - Red



Our lightweight components are designed with ease of use in mind.

108m Joist - Ledger Connection

Ledger - Ledger Connection

Posts can be X-braced with standard steel cross-braces for stability and stand-alone towers with cantilevers utilizing diagonal safety struts.


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