Concrete Reinforcing Mesh

Achieve superior structure integrity the simple and efficient way.

Using rebar can be time-consuming, costly and back-breaking. Cut labour costs and project time by using our concrete reinforcing mesh.  We have several types of reinforcing mesh for sale for residential, commercial, industrial and other major civil engineering projects. Whatever type of mesh panel you require ― be it square, rectangular or trench ― we provide high-performance materials and a reliable service. 

Rectangular Mesh Sheet

With rectangular mesh sheets, reinforce your concrete floor, pavements, driveways, and patio slabs. This mesh is ideal for thin concrete elements that require large areas of horizontal or lateral strength, such as floor slabs or retaining walls. We offer 6x2.4 m sheets with varied mesh spacing.

Square Mesh

Save time, money and effort on your next concrete project by stocking up on this versatile mesh. Whether you need mesh to reinforce ground slabs, suspended slabs or walls, we have a multipurpose mesh for your general concreting needs.

Trench Mesh

At Form Direct, we offer superior trench mesh panels for reinforcing concrete for industrial and residential applications. The concrete reinforcing mesh strengthens concrete in narrow structural locations such as footings and beams. We have three sizes available (8mm, 11 mm and 12 mm), with three or four main bars.

Always Ready

We always carry over a hundred tonnes of mesh in our yard to quickly meet demand. Should you need more, we have in-house schedulers and a cutting and bending production line to fulfill your requirements.

Hassle-free Experience

We’re fully invested in your success. From client intake to delivery, we ensure that we get things right. We give full attention to your needs and we always follow through. All mesh is delivered bundled and tagged on-time and without fuss.

We are Australia’s choice construction tools and equipment supplier. View our pages today for our high-quality reinforcing mesh. 

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