Formwork & Reinforcing Products

We have everything you need for seamless and strong formwork and concrete reinforcing.

Formwork is crucial to every concrete construction project, and the right tools and equipment are vital for a perfect finish.

Ideal Formwork Construction

When using formwork, two key elements are, the speed with which the form can be used, and its cost-effectiveness. Form Direct offers the latest innovations in this field. Our range includes formwork for sale that gives the perfect balance between efficacy and cost.

Our formwork products include Plastic flexible form boards, steel-ply, Truform boards and Formply. They make it faster and cheaper to start laying concrete, in addition to offering greater versatility in construction. Many of these modern materials are efficient and inexpensive.

Traditional types of formwork can be enhanced by our range of props and accessories. The sustainable dome void form system called Cupolex is one of the many formwork products you can buy here.


While formwork forms concrete into the required shape, reinforcement gives the strength, durability and reliability.

Form Direct offers reinforcement materials that comply with and, in many cases exceed, engineering standards for Australian conditions. Our range includes reo mesh & bar, accessories such as square dowels and bars, as well as important reinforcement framework accessories such as bar chairs.

Our dedicated facilities can customise the cutting of reinforcing bar so they arrive onsite ready to use.

Tilt-Up Construction

Contractors will find equipment for tilt-up construction in our range. Our specialist tools include the Swiftlift Facelifter, bond breakers and panel shims. The Swift Lift system integrates timesaving technology into your construction operations.

From pins and purlins to fast and flexible systems for concrete paths, our products offer durability, versatility and value and our boxing and concrete framework systems are the best tools for your project.

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