Concrete Sealer & Sealant Products

We make it easy. Create smooth and long-lasting structures the efficient way.

Choose Form Direct as your one source of construction supplies and you won’t have any problems ‒ from your initial inquiry to delivery and our customer support service. As a holistic concrete materials supplier, we provide concrete sealing products to help you achieve world-class results. Whether you need to create a watertight structure or hardwearing decorative surfaces, we provide industry-selected concrete floor sealer products and sealants.

Concrete Sealers

We provide sealers for all types of projects. We have decorative sealers ideal for residential and commercial purposes such as driveways, patios or pool decks. These sealers have large particles that will remain on the surface of the concrete, providing a protective layer similar to a raincoat.

We also provide sealers for applications that require stronger concrete. These sealers penetrate the concrete, react chemically and increase the strength while blocking out water.

Concrete Sealants

Fill any void, joint, crack or gap with one of a variety of sealants. We offer fast-curing, high-performance sealants that form a flexible seal, adaptable to cyclic, compression and expansion movements.

For outdoor applications, we have sealants with strong resistance to weathering conditions, pollution and atmospheric contamination. We also have chemical-resistant sealants ideal for concrete near swimming pools, in chemical processing plants, sewerage processing plants, and food, citrus or wine processing areas.

For sealing critical movement joints, we have Emer-Proof EJB tape, and for easy and minimal-wastage applications we have calking/caulking guns with contoured trigger and superior spot welds.

Contactors’ First Choice

We are known for supplying products from trusted and quality brands. Whatever concrete sealing product you require, our range will help protect your concrete for longer.

Knowing the industry regulations, as well as our clients’ needs and challenges, we make it easy for our clients to obtain the materials needed for any construction project. Ask for a quote today.

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