Concrete Repair Products & Toppings

Create and maintain strong and flawless concrete structures.

Concrete can damage when improperly installed or through overtime neglect, compromising its strength and aesthetic value. Quickly fix the problem ― or prevent it altogether ― with our range of concrete repair products and toppings.  

Curing and Topping

Using concrete in construction is often tricky, and it is always important to get the pour right. Ensure structurally and aesthetically pleasing concrete with our range of installation products. We have toppings to create strong and long-lasting surfaces and toppings to create smooth flat concrete floors.

To help concrete set properly, we have curing products for all applications. We have curing products for indoor and outdoor use as well, including sprays for plastic concrete.

Products for Concrete Crack, Floor, or Path Repairs

Concrete can be damaged in many ways, from changing temperatures to daily wear and corroded reinforcing steel.  Problems might be cosmetic and can be easily patched up or may require a full-depth repair.

At Form Direct, we offer a wide range of products for overlays, partial depth repairs, and full repairs. We have general purpose repair products as well as specialised products for particular crack, floor or path repairs. We have a line of waterproofing items, including the Vandex Cemelast for cracked concrete, the Vandex Plug for water seepage and the Uni Mortar for waterproofing or re-profiling. We also offer fast setting, emergency patching mortar for a quick and strong concrete fix.

A Trusted Partner in any Concrete Project

We take pride in being Australia’s trusted supplier of concrete repair products. With years working with builders, developers and civil construction teams, we understand our clients’ needs, challenges and the regulations they need to abide by. That is why we offer a complete package, including after-care services.

Whether the problem is installation or age-related, Form Direct offers proven concrete repair solutions. View our high-performance products today.

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