Construction Consumables

We want to make it easy. Maximise your time and budget with one supplier.

By buying construction consumables from us, supply procurement becomes a simple process and you will have more time to focus on your project. Leave it to us to worry about your supplies.

As a holistic building materials supplier, we give our clients a service that they will not find anywhere else.


Our building and construction supplies operations in Australia also include delivery of relevant chemicals and substances to construction sites. Cleaners, concrete removers and industrial lubricants are just some of the products we have in our catalogue.

Sealants & Waterproofing

Sealants and waterproofing materials provide a watertight finish to your projects, but purchase of these products is often overlooked. When you purchase your consumables from us, we will ensure that nothing is forgotten. We guarantee to deliver to your worksite everything that you need to complete your project.

Concrete repair etc.

Purchase concrete repair, grout and toppings from us so you will get a great finish every time. All our products, including our repair compounds, are commercial-grade.


Products such as contact bond, PVA glue and Bondcrete are important materials for a building site. Buy them from us so you will have them on-site just when you need them.

General consumables

As a leading supplier of construction supplies, we stock a wide range of miscellaneous supplies, such as washers and bolts, chalk, builder’s pencils, etc.

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